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Metro Decor has grown with a unique emphasis on individual customer service, yet still developing a commercial business, with the highest product quality on a worldwide scale. Metro Decor is established as the first port of call for an ever-increasing number of Hotel Developers who demand the highest level of quality throughout.

We do encourage our clients, whenever possible, to visit our factory, tour our extensive facilities and to follow the rigorous quality of our manufacturing process. Specific shop drawings, finishes, and hardware samples are prepared for each ordered item, to ensure products are built to meet the client’s satisfaction per design intention. From the initial process of getting everything approved, to the final process of getting the product delivered on time, we aim to satisfy the highest expectation.


At every level within Metro Decor, the commitment to quality is absolute. Each piece of furniture is manufactured from the highest quality veneers and solids, with all materials from managed and renewable sources with compliance to FSC and PEFC standards. All metal, glass, laminate and stone materials are subject to the same rigorous selection procedure.

All timber selected from our stocks follows a quality system scrutinizing moisture content, wood pattern, color and identifying any defects before processing into veneers or solids. Quality control is performed repeatedly throughout the numerous steps of production, through the Timber Mill, Assembly and Finishing.

The final quality check is made to each piece before custom packaging in robust cartons with inner wrap and corner blocks by our dedicated Packing Department.

Depending on the shipping method and requirement, the goods might also need to be crated. The entire process is designed to eliminate damage during transit. A complete range of Air and Sea Freight options are provided to suit client requirements.